Operation Avalanche Focuses On The CIA's Role In The Space Race

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Operation Avalanche is a quiet little film, but it just got a whole lot of our attention. The premise is being kept under wraps, but we do know that it's allegedly about the CIA's role in the 1960s Space Race with the Soviet Union. Go on...


Coming Soon is reporting that Lionsgate Films has just gobbled up director Matt Johnson's new movie project called Operation Avalanche. And with the announcement came this statement from the director:

"The CIA, the 1960's and the space program have always been obsessions of mine. Working with partners like Lionsgate, who understand the scope and vision of what we are creating, has been a pleasure. This movie is going to leave audiences with a powerful and imaginative interpretation of what may or may not have happened within the walls of the US's top government agencies."

We like the sound of this film—we like it a lot. We'll be keeping tabs on this one.

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Somebody should make a movie of the Cold War space battles that almost were.... At one point the CIA was convinced that the Russkies were developing an orbital jet fighter,which...they totally were.

So we started working on our own version,the X-20 Dyna-Soar (whose developing had started originally all the way back in 1950s):

Both projects never got passed the testing phase,but...just imagine...LEO dogfights. (sigh)