Reading the comments on this blog and ignoring the Garrus haters like
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I mean, you know what they say about asking stupid questions and getting stupid answers.


Today is November 7. Or, if you’re a fan of Bioware’s beloved trilogy of sci-fi action RPGs, Mass Effect (and also Mass Effect: Andromeda, a thing that Exists and is Fine), it’s N7 day: the fandom-driven celebration of the series that takes Commander Shepard’s elite training badge and turns it into an opportunity to reminisce about one of the greatest space sagas in games.


While we wait to be disappointed once again that EA and Bioware aren’t going to announce that remaster/remake of the trilogy we all want—thinking selling tie-in skins in Anthem would suffice, a bold thought indeed!—we thought we’d ask you which of the series’ memorable characters is still a favorite, all these years since the trilogy came to a close.

Maybe you’re right, and it’s Garrus, Shepard’s ex-cop-turned-best-sniper-bud (or something more, if you played a Female Commander). Maybe you’re slightly less right, and it’s Liara, the space-psyker archaeologist who becomes the masterful intelligence operative known as the Shadow Broker. Maybe you’re slightly less right still, and it’s Tali, or Mordin, or Wrex, or Legion, or Thane. Maybe you’re a little further into less right and also a narcissist, and it’s your Commander Shepard. There’s a lot of good characters you could be wrong about and pick here!

Maybe you’re flat out wrong and it’s Kaidan? God. I’m so sorry.


Whoever it is, let us know in the comments below.

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