Open Channel: Which Genre Announcement Out of E3 Got Your Pulse Racing the Most?

Saw Gerrera pops on by in Jedi: Fallen Order.
Saw Gerrera pops on by in Jedi: Fallen Order.
Image: Respawn Entertainment

The video game extravaganza that was E3 2019 has finally wrapped, but not after spending the better part of this week filling our feeds with announcements that set our geeky gaming brains on fire: a sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Pokémon Sword and Shield! An action-packed new adventure set in the galaxy far, far away, Jedi: Fallen Order!

That’s just scratching the surface, of course, and that’s where you come in, fan of Animal Crossing, Witcher 3, Lego Star Wars, and any number of other nerd-tastic titles that made E3 headlines. So here’s where we open up the floor and ask you: Which E3 announcement got you the most excited this year, and which games are you most looking forward to playing in the future?


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Cyberpunk 2077 is on the must buy list. Fallen Order is looking good but I want to see some finished and polished game-play before I decide if it’s a day one purchase, what I saw didn’t have that something special yet.