Open Channel: What Job Would You Have in Harry Potter's World?

Courtesy Warner Bros
Courtesy Warner Bros

It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure of wizarding proportions.

Right now, the world is busy celebrating Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2, the eighth book (in play form) in Potter’s official story. In the past, he was a young kid with a scar on his brow and I’m assuming at least a bit of acne. Nowadays, he’s a 36-year-old Auror in the Ministry of Magic. But, there are plenty of other career paths in the Potterverse, and it’s not just Houses you can get sorted into anymore.

Manuel Harlan/
Manuel Harlan/

In honor of Harry Potter’s (now adultish) birthday, part of the weekend-long celebrations for Cursed Child, Lucidchart created a flowchart to, as they put it, “help witches and wizards of all ages and backgrounds select their most suitable career.” You could be a Professor, a Candy Maker, even a Death Eater (not sure of the job security with that career path).

Take the test for yourself and comment with your destined career in the Potterverse. And yes, you can’t lie and say you got Professional Quidditch Player if you actually got House Elf. We’ll know. Now go wash my sock.


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British Wizarding Society is a bit like a Communist nation as the majority of people appear to employed by the state. Beyond a few independent retailers in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, it seems that everyone else works for the Ministry of Magic either directly or through a related role in Education at Hogwarts or Finance in Gringotts.

Why do wizards need jobs anyway? They essentially live in a post scarcity society with the ability to magic up anything they could need. Why work in a dead end civil service job on low pay like Arthur Weasley when you could live in a mansion by simply bewitching a few Muggles?