Open Channel: What's Your Free Comic Book Day Haul?

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This year’s Free Comic Book Day offerings have had some staples, a few surprises, and at least one crazy reveal. Sadly, I’ve been stuck behind a desk for the past eight hours, so I will be living vicariously through all of your amazing finds. Let me know what you grabbed this year!


What free comics were you able to grab, if any, and what did you buy to take home? Have you had a chance to read through some of your picks— if so, what did you like, and what would you rather have skipped? Share what you nabbed and what your thoughts are so far. I’m personally looking for anyone who’s read Star Trek TNG: Mirror Broken by IDW Publishing (as gloriously seen above). That shit looks insane. Share in the comments!

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I would like to tell you about my free comic day experience. I took my daughter to a local comic shop today and some basement dwelling maladjusted adult male nerd started yelling and scoffing about how much more he knew about Wonder Woman than my FIVE YEAR OLD daughter when the very kind shop owner tried to help her pick comics. I wasn’t sure what to do because the guy was clearly either on the Autism Spectrum or delayed some other way (the owner also deftly navigated the situation through her years of experience nerd wrangling) but it did highlight the fact my girl and I were in a line of almost exclusively 30 plus maladjusted white men. I swear, a different guy goes “So what do we have to do?” When they got to the front of the line and the shop owner very sweetly says “You have to be nice to me and then you get free comics” like a kindergarten teacher. The whole experience really highlighted the massive generational/sex/race gap in comics and now my daughter never wants to go in a comic store again :(