Today is International Kissing Day, which means the internet is abuzz with the best smooches of movies and TV. However, some of the most famous locking lips have come from comic books. However, which kisses are the best?

Whenever we think of kissing scenes in comic books, we think of epic romances, like the decades-long entanglement between Superman and Wonder Woman. While kissing scenes in comic books are often iconic, they’re not always romantic. For example, there was last year’s kiss between Thor and Captain America, which happened not as a side product of true love, but because Thor’s real-life counterpart Jane Foster had cancer and was trying to “seize the day.”

We’ve also seen some smooches that were downright unpleasant. Can we not forget when Superman kissed his cousin, or that time Jean Grey coerced Emma Frost and Cyclops to make out on her grave?

Even with all the moments that have made us feel icky, there have been plenty of superhero kisses that are powerful and passionate. What do you think are the most iconic comic book kisses? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.