Illustration for article titled Open Channel: What Story Has Had The Greatest Impact On Your Life?

Stories are powerful: they can change how people see the world, or change their lives forever. Looking back, what story has had the greatest impact on your life?


I’ve got two: Star Wars, and Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl. Star Wars, for all the obvious reasons, but it was The Windup Girl that got me critically interested in reading and writing about science fiction. It was one of those books that got me thinking more deeply about a whole range of things, from economics to the real impact of climate change. And, it helped me figure out how to review a book, something that I’ve loved doing.

So, what story (whether it’s movies, television shows, webcomics, novels, short stories, or puppet shows) has impacted you the most? Share a picture!


Artist credit: Raphael Lacoste

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