Today’s open thread comes from procrastinationathon: What location in a film or movie stands out for for being weirdly out of place - a landmark that’s so familiar that it takes you right out of the movie?

Basically, what have have two (or one of each really) the first is from Guardians of The Galaxy, where London’s Millennium Bridge turns up really REALLY noticeably (to a Brit at least) in the final battle scene, the city is mostly CGI and then suddenly there’s this prominent IRL location just pops up in the middle.

The second is a bit more niche, from the remake (or re-adaptation) of Brighton Rock from a few years ago. Although a few prominent Brighton locations appear as themselves (mostly to establish the location) the seafront which appeared in the film was almost always shot in nearby Eastbourne, thus meaning one location I know very well (I live in Brighton) kept being replaced with another. It was...weird (and mildly annoying since one of the big giveaways was something they could have easily fixed with set dressing).


So, what location have you seen that’s pulled you out of the movie?

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