Open Channel: What 'Normal' Franchise Would You Like to See Go Full Sci-Fi?

“Well, now, don’t you tell me to smile...”
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The Fast & the Furious franchise has fully embraced science fiction with the upcoming Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, which features Idris Elba as a genetically altered super-soldier who actually refers to himself as “Black Superman.” Now I have to know: What other non-genre movies and TV shows could do with a healthy dose of fantasy or sci-fi? I’ll start: Pitch Space.

At the end of Pitch Perfect 3—which was arguably more of an action spy flick than a movie about an acapella group—Beca (Anna Kendrick) got signed to DJ Khaled’s label and was on the fast track to becoming America’s next pop superstar. The hypothetical Pitch Perfect 4 could open with first contact. Aliens are threatening to wipe out the human race, and since Donald Trump isn’t president in this reality, our response is to try and negotiate peace.


The one thing the government has learned about these aliens is that they love to sing and have their own form of musical expression. Unfortunately, unlike the extraterrestrials from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, these folks can’t stand the sound of Earth’s musical instruments. The government turns to the Bellas to travel to space and deliver the message of peace, using the music of their voices. This, of course, results in a riff-off centered around David Bowie songs, and a Battle of the Bands for the future of humanity. The Bellas win and the day is saved. They hold a joint concert on a spaceship. Special cameo by DJ Khaled.

Now that I have single-handedly saved acapella and science fiction forever with Pitch Perfect 4: Singing on the Moon, I want to hear what “normal” (meaning non-genre) franchise you’d like to see embrace a sci-fi or fantasy theme. Bonus points if you share the plot for your crossover masterpiece.

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