Open Channel: What Is Your Dream Walking Dead Crossover?

Images: AMC
Images: AMC

With Fear the Walking Dead finishing one season and The Walking Dead about to start another, it’s the perfect time to talk crossover.

We know that a crossover between the two zombie shows is coming. That’s a fact. What we don’t know is, well, anything beyond that. We don’t know the “when,” we don’t know the “where,” and, most importantly, we don’t know the “who.”

Most people seem to think Abraham from The Walking Dead is the most likely character to cross over. He could easily appear on Fear the Walking Dead for a few reasons:

  • Abraham is dead on the main show.
  • Before appearing on the main show, we know Abraham was in Houston, Texas. Houston was recently been mentioned on Fear the Walking Dead, and is one of, if not the, most westerly origin points revealed for any character on the main show. (Fear the Walking Dead is in the Southwest, Walking Dead is in the Southeast).
  • Actor Michael Cudlitz seems to be teasing it on Twitter.

So yeah, that’s probably it. But that’s no fun.

Below, we’d love for you to post your dream crossover. Who is a character you’d love to see on which show and why? I’ll start.


Now, this is highly unlikely for a bunch of reasons, but we’re dreaming big, right? I’d go simple. I’d like to see Madison from Fear the Walking Dead as a member of Negan’s Saviors. No big backstory. No explanation. Just Madison, the main character of Fear the Walking Dead, somehow surviving years into the future and running around with Negan. Sure, that would mean she’d have to survive the entirety of that show, but it would change so much. Knowing that she had to survive, travel all that way, and work her way into that group would be a great endpoint for Fear. There would also be the questions of what happened to everyone else. Are they dead? Did they leave her? Dis she leave them? It would be a huge Pandora’s Box of cool questions.

It’ll never happen, but it would be fun. Now, your turn.

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I can’t see many shows that can’t be fun if you use the formula “Blank except it’s the zombie apocalypse,” you don’t even need the walking dead cast to show up except for crossover.

Parks & Recreation, except it’s the zombie apocalypse
The Wire, except it’s the zombie apocalypse
Breaking Bad, except it’s the zombie apocalypse

And then of course you have the ultimate crossover: Ash vs The Walking Dead.

But I’m going to go with this little gem: