Open Channel: What Childhood Toy Do You Wish You Still Had?

I loved Starcom growing up and would love to dive back in.
I loved Starcom growing up and would love to dive back in.
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Most people collect toys for nostalgia. Sure, there’s money to be made doing it, but money can’t buy a ticket back to your childhood to relive the memories of pretending to be in a far-off land, saving the universe, or falling in love with a bunch of Barbies or Transformers.


This open channel is about that part of toy collecting. It’s about remembering the good old days. We want to know: What toy from your childhood do you wish you still had?

This may seem like a random question for a Thursday in March with an Avengers trailer out there, but here’s the backstory. This week, I was flipping through the channels and caught a marathon of Toy Hunter, the Travel Channel show that follows toy dealer Jordan Hembrough around the world, digging through toy collections and buying them to make a profit. I love that show for a lot of reasons, but mostly to see how excited these old toys make people—to learn why they held onto them, and sometimes to see how much they’d pay to get them back. So blame the Toy Hunter marathon for us posing the question to you.

For me, obviously lots of the awesome old Star Wars toys I played with would be fun to have back, but that’s such a predictable answer. Plus, those are still available. One thing that’s maybe not, just because of my odd memories of it, is a G.I. Joe I loved that I’ve never been able to find since, even online. He was mostly orange, with purple accents, and had bombs around his ankles that you could detach and always got lost. I think he had a big gun too. Does anyone know that guy’s name?

(UPDATE: Thanks to Stephen J who emailed me to say it’s the H.E.A.T. Viper.)

Also, Starcom. I was really into Starcom. No one talks about Starcom. I want all that stuff back. I’ll stop now.

My editor, Jill Pantozzi, has also thought about this in the past and directed me to this tweet:


Those are our answers—now, it’s up to you. What toy from your childhood would you love to have back and, bonus points, what would you pay for it?

This article was updated with the name of the G.I. Joe.

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