Image: USA Network
Image: USA Network

The New Year is a time for reflection and resolution, a moment to think about what you did last year and what you might do differently next year. And here at io9, we think about pop culture, fandom, and all things nerdy. So: is there anything in your nerdy life you’re going to change?

I’ve been thinking about the way I consume pop culture. Consuming pop culture is my job, which complicates things, obviously. There are things I’m obligated to take in and it’s hard to change that. But still, I think I want to try to diversify what I take in next year. Specifically, I want to watch more television. I love TV, and there’s so much good genre TV out there, but I have trouble keeping up with it. I fall behind stupid easy. I want to catch up on Mr. Robot, which I adore, and finally spend proper time with The Expanse, Star Trek Discovery, and maybe even some Agents of SHIELD.


What about you, beloved io9 readers? Want to spend 2018 catching up on your favorite comic series? Finally gonna start that Alf action figure collection? Let me know in the comments!

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