Image: Darwyn Cooke for DC Comics
Image: Darwyn Cooke for DC Comics

It took a long while for Warner Bros. to even greenlight a Batgirl movie in the first place. Now the writer/director who was hired, Joss Whedon, has quit, because he “really didn’t have a story.” Folks, I implore you.

Barbara Gordon—assuming that is the Batgirl WB is still going to move forward with—has had a plethora of comic stories since she was introduced in the ‘60s. There’s even a super-handy modernized take on the character from DC Comics that would probably do really well if adapted, even in part, into a film.


So we’re curious to know what you think the Batgirl movie should be about. Considering the DCEU slate is... in flux, don’t think you have to stick to its current continuity. Show Whedon your imagination and tell us your Batgirl pitch.

Oh, and if you say “The Killing Joke,” you have no imagination and you’re on my shit list.

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