Open Channel: Show io9 Your Quarantine-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

I pray that you do not get a rock, my friends.
I pray that you do not get a rock, my friends.
Illustration: Lee Mendelson Productions

Like everything else this year, Halloween is weird. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up!


So, dear nerds of io9, we want to know: what are you dressing up as this year? Are you still going full costume or are you improving something smaller for a nice Halloween lounge? Either way, we want to see it! Post some pictures and talk about your plans or lack thereof. Fortunately, fear, costumes, and mayhem can live wherever we are, even if that’s carefully socially distanced and staying inside.

As for me: I’m terrible at Halloween. I’m dressed as a... sleepy blogger. I admit it’s not my most creative idea. But, hey, at least it’s authentic.

So, yes, show us! Normally around this time of year, we’d have a grand Halloween costume show, but for 2020 this will have to do. I have no prizes, but I will give the best costume a very earnest compliment in the comments.

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Son of Spam

We planned for a costume that would would work with a mask. And when the designs came out for Cassandra Cain Batgirl for DC’s upcoming Future State, she knew what she wanted.

She even cut 3 inches off her hair and painted a broomstick that I sawed in half to make eskrima sticks to add some of our culture (we’re Filipino). It also helps that Cain is an Asian hero that she can look up to.