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We’ve all heard and seen the stories: some actors don’t make the cut for a film or passed on a role that later exploded. It got me thinking: what would have been different in a film if you replaced the lead actor with someone who *probably* auditioned for it?


So, your challenge today is take your favorite SF/F film, recast the main role, and give a prediction as to the general critical and movie-goer reaction might have been. Bonus points if you work up a poster for it.

Above, I’ve swapped out Matt Damon for Bradley Cooper in The Martian. Cooper’s headlined a handful of SciFi films, like Limitless and Guardians of the Galaxy. Critics noted that he was able to take his acting with critically-acclaimed movies like the Silver Linings Playbook and American Sniper to new heights with Ridley Scott’s space flick.


Your turn: who would you swap out in a film?

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