Open Channel: Just How Much is Gotham Beyond Saving?

Courtesy Fox
Courtesy Fox

Gotham is one of those shows that’s aged way too fast for its own good, and I honestly don’t know how much longer we have until Fox sends it to a farm upstate.


Season 3 hasn’t even started yet, and at least half of the characters have reached their Batman-era peak. Selena Kyle and The Penguin have little-to-no development left, and Bruce Wayne is one dark night away from going full Batfleck. Most recently, actor Cory Michael Smith “hinted” to Comic Book Resources that Edward Nigma was going “full-on Riddler” next season. Give me a break.

Since there’s nowhere else for the characters to go, of course that means they have to add a shit ton of more characters. We’ve got Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, the Tweedle Brothers, Talon, Solomon Grundy, and the entire freaking Court of Owls, just for starters. What’s next, having the sort-of-maybe Joker come back from the grave? Oh wait, too freaking late.

We’ve also gotten word that Harley Quinn is showing up next season; heck, we may have already met her and not even known it. New Poison Ivy actress Maggie Geha (who replaced a kid when they decided Poison Ivy needed cleavage, ahem, I mean “development”) said she was excited about Quinn’s hopeful emergence, since the characters are canonically in a relationship in the comics.

With all the new characters and old storylines being thrown our way, is it even worth it anyway? Or is Gotham just wasting time and resources that could be put toward a show that doesn’t squander decades worth of story-arcs in two seasons. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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I have long stopped seeing Gotham as a Batman prequel and seeing it as a totally insane, gonzo universe wherein Batman will never happen. And taken as that, it is an hilarious so bad it’s good ride. I want to see The Merc - the Home Depot for illegal weapons - again!