Open Channel: How Would You Cast Your Dream Superhero Film in the '80s, '90s, or Beyond?

Image: Fox
Image: Fox

Earlier today, we shared a concept trailer that imagined what a 1990s version of Batman v Superman would look like. We got so excited casting Wonder Woman that we expanded it to other superhero flicks, like a grindhouse Logan in the 1970s, or an early 2000s The Avengers. Here’s your chance to dream up your ultimate fancast.


Here’s mine: Since the latest X-Men movie completely failed to capture the 1980s, I’d love to see an actual X-Men film from the 1980s. Only, it’d be like Breakfast Club, but with mutants. Michael J. Fox would play Ice-Man, with Johnny Depp as Pyro, his arch rival. Molly Ringwald would play Rogue, and Christina Applegate would cameo as Dazzler because she represents everything glorious about the 1980s. And Clint Eastwood would play a gritty Old Man Logan who’s keeping the kids in mutant detention at Xavier’s mutant school. Lessons about life are learned, presumably.

All right, now it’s your turn! Any decade, any movie. Let’s go.

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So, copying from a post I did a year ago. Here’s my dream late 1960s/early 1970s MCU:

Captain America: Robert Redford

Iron Man: Paul Newman

Thor: George Lazenby (like Hemsworth, he’s known for being an Australian most famous for playing a non-English character with an English accent; Bond is half-Scottish, half-Swiss).

Black Widow: Diana Rigg

Hawkeye: Steve McQueen

Banner/The Hulk: Anthony Perkins, recast in the Avengers as Warren Beatty, with a Steve Reeves type as the Hulk

Nick Fury: Sidney Poitier

Loki: Patrick McGoohan

Coulson: Peter “Columbo” Falk

Ultron: Marlon Brando (voice)

JARVIS/The Vision: Terence Stamp

Red Skull: Max von Sydow

Arnim Zola: Ernest Borgnine

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier: Alain Delon

Peggy Carter: Vanessa Redgrave

Colonel Philips: George C. Scott

Union Jack/James Montgomery Falsworth: Peter Sellers

Dum Dum Dugan: Robert Shaw

Jim Morita: George Takei

Howard Stark: Jeremy Brett

Sharon Carter: Faye Dunaway

Alexander Pierce: Jimmy Stewart

Rumlow/Crossbones: Lee Marvin

Odin: Orson Welles

Volstagg: Leo McKern

Fandrall: Robert Vaughn

Malekith: Peter Cushing (he was Doctor Who on the big screen, so a good Eccleston parallel)

Jane Foster: Maggie Smith

Pepper Potts: Natalie Wood

Obadiah Stane: Yul Brynner

Justin Hammer: David McCallum

Ivan Vanko: Omar Sharif

Aldrich Killian: Clint Eastwood

Daredevil: Timothy Dalton

Kingpin/Wilson Fisk: Telly Savalas

Nobu: Toshiro Mifune (how awesome would it be to get him in Marvel?)

Stick: Lee Van Cleef

Hank Pym: Kirk Douglas

Scott Lang: Donald Sutherland

Luke Cage: Jim Brown