Open Channel: How Do You Want the Incredibles Universe to Expand?

A promo image featuring the Parr family getting ready to spring into action.
A promo image featuring the Parr family getting ready to spring into action.
Image: Disney/Pixar

Pixar’s long-anticipated superhero sequel just rocketed to a record-setting premiere weekend. A new comics series will be showing the secret identity side of the Parrs’ lives and it’s almost a given that Pixar and their partners will be telling more Incredibles stories in the future. Let’s chat about what we’d like to see more of!


When I brought my daughter home from seeing Incredibles 2 last night, her mother asked her if there’s going to be an Incredibles 3. Her answer: “I don’t know, but there should be!” Another movie will likely be years in the making but I, for one, would love a TV series set in the franchise’s prehistory. We could see the superheroes that Bob Parr looked up to when he was a kid, or stories based on the many heroes we only see in quick glimpses in the two Incredibles movies. Maybe we get to see Elastigirl rocking that mohawk in a series set during her days as a single superheroine or jump to the future where Dash or Violet have to deal with being parents in a world with tons of supers out there fighting crime.

There are so many directions the Incredibles universe could go from here. Hit the comments and chime in with your own hopes and dreams for the future of the Incredibles.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.


Christopher Hapka

I would like them to take a good look at the franchise, tell the writers to get back to them if they have a compelling idea for another Incredibles story, and then develop some completely unrelated movies.

What we like about Pixar movies is that they tell original, compelling stories about interesting characters with satisfying conclusions. That isn’t a formula for great sequels.

Make a list of your five favorite Pixar movies. How many of them are sequels? (The correct answer is one: Toy Story 3.) Make a list of your least favorite and odds are it’ll include at least a couple of Cars 2, Cars 3, Monsters University, and Finding Dory. Even if you put Toy Story 2 on the good side of the ledger, that’s...not a great track record.

I don’t want Pixar to make Inside Out 2 or Up 2 or Wall-E 2. I want them to make another movie like Inside Out or Up or Wall-E, that doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before and tells a story I haven’t already heard.