Open Channel: Do You Still Have a Bad Feeling About Solo: A Star Wars Story?

The newish Millennium Falcon in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
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A director change midway through production, rumors about acting coaches, the recasting of a major role, truncated marketing, a redesigned Millennium Falcon—there are plenty of things for fans to be worried about when it comes to Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, as more and more clips are released, more new images revealed, and more awesome GIFs of Lando appear online, we’re wondering, how are you feeling right now? Do you still have a bad feeling about this?

[Editor’s note: Germain wrote this just before he saw the movie. His initial reaction to the film after having seen it can be viewed here, along with some other generally very positive responses, and we’ll have our full review up on May 15.]


As I’ve documented many, many times on this site and my social media, I am a massive Han Solo fan—he’s my favorite character in all of popular culture. So back in 2015 when news about the Han Solo movie broke, I was at first very excited. It was something I’d been thinking about since I was a kid. Then, almost instantly, I was worried. Let’s be honest: Han never wants to be told the odds, but the odds are much greater that a standalone film would demystify this wonderful character rather than make him better.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will certainly show fans many of the big mysteries we’ve always wondered about Han, like how he met Chewbacca, how he got the Falcon, and just exactly what the Kessel Run was. But, with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller at the helm, I had hope.

Before the dark times. Before the firing.
Photo: Disney

Then they were fired. Immediately I was worried again... was a Han Solo disaster brewing? As time passed, though, it seemed more like the producers simply didn’t like their take on the material. Ron Howard was brought in, shot the exact same script, and now we have a movie. The first footage, revealed during the Super Bowl, didn’t quite pique my interest like The Force Awakens, Rogue One, or The Last Jedi did, but that began to change, and with each new clip released, my interest grew. There’s humor there. Fun. Adventure. Emotion. Actor Alden Ehrenreich looks like he’s doing as good a job as possible with the impossible task stepping into the iconic role. Of course, Donald Glover looks to be crushing it as Lando. Chewie is always a scene stealer.


So, do I still have a bad feeling about Solo? Nope—I’m excited. I think I may finally get to see a movie I could have only dreamed about as a six-year-old running around firing my DL-44 blaster at kids in the neighborhood. It may not be as good as the movie I imagined then, but if it’s close, I’ll be happy.

So, now it’s your turn. Are you still worried about Solo: A Star Wars Story?


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