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Open Channel: Do You Have Any Nerdy New Years Resolutions?

Jean-Luc Picard and a rather large book factor into two of my own resolutions this year.
Jean-Luc Picard and a rather large book factor into two of my own resolutions this year.
Image: CBS

It’s New Years Day, which means everyone’s promptly forgetting that last year was, well, literally just a day ago, and resolving to eat healthier, or work out more or whatever. But we’re a bunch of nerds round here, so while you might have those kinds of resolutions too: have you got any related more to your nerdy hobbies?


As someone who already did the whole health kick thing last year and now am just focusing on sticking to it, my only resolutions this year were more specific to my geeky tastes. Here’s what I’m hoping to do in 2019:

  • Start reading manga regularly. The nature of my job at io9 means that I read a lot of comics from all over the place every week anyway, but following manga has been something I’ve let fall by the wayside as work-reading prioritised itself over pleasure-reading. Getting into the My Hero Academia anime last year lead to me picking up every English volume of the manga, and between that and Weekly Shonen Jump’s wild new digital service, I’m hoping to dig into some fun series I’ve not had time to delve into, and dabble in the wider world of manga beyond.
  • Hell, start reading more in general. This is terrible, as I grew up devouring books. But once again, work keeps me so occupied these days that the amount of reading I do that isn’t for research or review in general has plummeted (the amount of books I ask for for Christmas or Birthdays has not changed, however, leading to an embarrassingly large to-read list). I miss reading just for the sake of it, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, so I want to make time for more of it in 2019.
  • Finally, finally do a complete watch of The Next Generation. Please don’t kill me, Star Trek nerds. A few years ago I wrote about my secret shame of never having watched the iconic Star Trek series outside of a few episodes and the movies, and that’s not changed as much as I’d like it to, although I have at least a few seasons under my belt. I’ve tried to start watching TNG multiple times since, but either get mired in the clunky early seasons and burn out, or something else for work comes up and I leave it by the wayside (oh, woe the busy life of someone fortunate to write about pop culture all day long!). With the Jean-Luc Picard show coming later this year, I want to try again... and hopefully stick with it all the way through this time.

So, do you have any more specifically geeky resolutions for 2019? What sci-fi and fantasy are you resolving to experience this year? Let us know in the comments!

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Finish painting my Warhammer army..... who am I kidding, it’ll be more realistic to get a gym membership and stick with it.