Only You Can Redeem Alien Versus Predator

The two Alien Vs. Predator movies came and went without offering much more than a few moments of Predator-human bonding. Fans were outraged at Fox for fouling up one of the easiest plots ever: all they had to do was let the two species fight each other, but instead there was a whole lotta' nothing. But now the fans have taken matters into their own hands and created their own film: Alien Vs. Predator: Redemption. The zero budget movie follows an exiled Predator regaining his honor in the middle of an Alien/Predator war. Click through to see how Alien Vs. Predator should have looked.

According to the film's production blog,"It's a 'No Budget' fan film project created with a purpose to appreciate the 2 Best Sci-Fi franchises." They have hopes to see this movie finished this fall. From the collected FX shots and other spliced-together scenes I'm just happy you can see what going on (unlike in the murky AVP2). Bring on the real grudge match between these two alien species — it can't be any worse than the official film.


AVPR Trailer 2

AVPR Test Footage


AVPR Test Footage

[Popov Productions via Dread Central]

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@ggodo: Better than a film where they reduced one of it's main characters main traits had always been ripping the skin off it's victims and hanging them upside down while ripping off their spinal column, to running from a big alien in the snow and pushing it in deep water and high giving the black chick a pat on the back when she didn't die.

I'm sorry, neither were very good, but no one here can tell me that at any point in AVP did it come close to approaching the intensity of any of it's forebearers. And on top of it it was tame, tame, tame which none of the previous films were. At least in AVP2 we got some serious monster fights and the scene in the town square where they were realizing how fucked they were was a glimmer of the previous films. Plus, we got a view of the Predator Homeworld.

They should've gone with the Space Marines, on a homeworld, or even better... No humans at all.