Only The World's Sexiest Hacker Can Save Us In Blackhat

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It's not at the level of absurdity of, say, casting Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist in The World Is Not Enough, but I do have to look somewhat askance at the recently crowned "Sexiest Man Alive" Chris Hemsworth as the only computer hacker with the skills — sorry, skillz — to prevent the hackpocalypse in Michael Mann's Blackhat.


But as this new trailer for the movie shows, it appears hacking involves a lot more running, punching, flying to distance locations and trying not to hit by explosions than I knew, so mayb Hemsworth is the sexy man for the sexy job. I thought hacking mostly meant sitting at a keyboard; more the fool me, I guess. Still, I have to say this for Hemsworth — I find his hacking skills a lot more believable than his accent.

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Forget just her looks - because hot people can be smart too. It's that her name was Dr. Christmas Jones, for the sole purpose of setting up the line, "I thought Christmas only came once a year." wonder Casino Royale rebooted the fuck out of Bond.