Another Bollywood superhero movie hits theaters this weekend, and it looks chock full of zappy lightning and gold lamé greatness. Drona stars Abhishek Bachchan as a superhuman who's entrusted with guarding the most important secret of the universe. And Love Story 2050's Priyanka Chopra plays his bodyguard. If 2050 failed to channel the greatness of last year's superhero epic Krrish, then this should satisfy your krravings. Click through for trailer and synopsis.

I love the Forrest Gump-esque animation of the blue feather floating up and over the city, in the trailer. Supposedly Drona blends Indian mythology with a science fictional plot about the secrets of the universe. Here's the synopsis:

From the times, when time itself was a newborn babe, the universe has kept one secret carefully camouflaged within its folds. A secret, which if unraveled, could unlock the destruction of mankind and the entire cosmos. Today, only one man can protect the universe's precious secret and thus, save the human race from absolute annihilation.