Only Natasha Henstridge Can Stop Gravity-Warping Moonquake

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Natasha Henstridge (Species, Ghosts Of Mars) is filming a two-part disaster miniseries that will probably turn up on the Sci Fi Channel sooner or later. Impact is about a meteor (or a dwarf-star fragment, in some accounts) which strikes the Moon and causes massive disasters on Earth — including the Eiffel Tower getting squashed and a high-speed train flying up into mid-air. But Impact isn't just about gravity gone awry — it has a vital message about international cooperation. Are you excited yet?

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Here's the official synopsis:

After a massive meteor collides with our moon, disastrous abnormalities start happening on Earth - on one side of the planet, cars begin to hover over the ground as if in outer space, while on the other side, the Earth's gravitational pull becomes so intense that the Eiffel Tower crumbles together under its own weight.

A team of international scientists realizes the horrifying truth: the meteor has knocked the moon out of its orbit and has hurled it on a collision course with the Earth. In 45 days, the Moon will crash into our planet. As with the total extinction of the dinosaurs through a meteor shower, history is about to repeat itself, this time with mankind...

The US has a plan, but finds no international support. The Europeans have another strategy, which the Americans don't buy into. Now it is up to a small group of scientists on both sides of the pond to get the nations of the world to cooperate and act as one, before it will be too late...

Unique visuals and powerful human drama will bring this chilling story to life. Get ready to experience the dark side of the moon!

I really really hope they get Pink Floyd to do the soundtrack.

Impact is being made in Victoria, Canada by Munich-based Tandem Communications, which is also making Lost City Raiders, the Waterworld-esque Sci Fi Channel TV movie which we already mocked. They don't have a U.S. market for Impact yet, but they've already sold it in 90 other territories around the world, and it seems likely that Sci Fi will pick it up. It's being directed by Mike Rohl (Smallville).

Besides Henstridge, Impact stars David James Elliott (JAG) as Alex Kinter, an Ottowa-based astrophysicist who teams up with Henstridge's astronomer to try and avert disaster. James Cromwell plays the grandfather of Henstridge's children, and Berlin-based Benjamin Sadler plays a German scientific genius. Currently being filmed are scenes where Kinter's quiet Canadian life is disturbed by news of the moon disaster. Victoria will have to double for "Washington, Vermont, London, Paris, New Mexico — with the Centre of the Universe posing as an observatory there — and Munich," says the Victoria TImes Colonist. Natasha Henstridge photo from Darnell Walker/WENN.

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I don't know as I wasn't really looking at her face. Bad-dum-dum...

Jeeze, this movie screams winner. I'd watch this movie on a Saturday afternoon with a hangover and it would have to be a pretty bad hangover.

I wonder how they're going to explain how Palm trees grow in Washington, Paris and London (Victoria is the only place in Canada City with Palm trees.)