Only J-Pop Can Save Aggretsuko Now

It’s about to get boppy in here.
It’s about to get boppy in here.
Screenshot: Netflix
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Poor Retsuko has spent two seasons of her hilarious and occasionally heartfelt anime series expelling her existential rage via the medium of heavy metal karaoke. But in the third season, it seems like not even that can help her cope with all the new problems she’s facing. She needs J-pop bops.


Netflix has dropped a new trailer for Aggretsuko’s third season, and there’s a whole new bunch of stressful situations to make our heroically hapless Red Panda a ball of rage.

New demands at work from a new job title leave her busier than ever. Still stinging from her romantic misadventures in season two, there’s potential love interests on the horizon again (for Retusko and Haida, it seems). The ever-resourceful Gori and Washi are trying to cajole her into backing their marriage counseling startup. And Retsuko’s not the only one burning a too-short fuse too hard, either: her friends are starting to get pretty frustrated that she doesn’t open up to them about her problems, and is too busy to spend time with them.

So yeah, the heavy metal headbangs ain’t cutting it any more. To make ends meet with all her finanical woes, Retsuko’s knocking the music up a notch and moonlighting as part of an idol group this season. Which brings not just a new musical layer to the show, but a whole, equally stressful level of office politics to the table for her to deal with.

We’re not sure just how she has the time to be anything but angry, to be honest. But we’ll find out when Aggretusko’s third season hits Netflix on August 27.


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