By now, hopefully you guys know the talent of artist Brandon Bird (if not, get on that). Bird recently assembled a pantheon of awesome artists to recreate, in their own way, the pages of a completely bizarre X-Men coloring book from the ‘90s. The results are, and please forgive me, X-ceptional.

Up top is “Autumn Summers” by Bird himself (you can see the original coloring book page on the left); below are just a very few of our faves. If you like these, you should definitely go check out all these incredible works at the online gallery of the “X-Mans” show here.


“Fourclops” by Nate Carle.

“All the Single Ladies” by Sina Grace.


My absolute favorite — “Magneto Hates Birthdays” by Erin Pearce. What else could Magneto possibly be doing in the original picture?!

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