In case you were wondering whether Person of Interest is like the show 24 set in the bizarro universe, here is your proof. In last week's episode, Reese had to protect an undercover cop who was on the verge of busting an international drug smuggling ring wide open. He'd gotten all the way to the top, and just needed to arrest the suit who was supplying drugs to everybody else.


Unfortunately, as he finds out in this scene, the "top" guy among the smugglers is actually CIA. In his usual deadpan way, Reese intones, "The government couldn't win the war on drugs — so they're using it to fund the war on terror." I just love how Person of Interest will throw such an outrageous accusation into the middle of this action show, and treat it as just a "known" part of the universe. Of course the CIA is dealing drugs! Hey, the government is spying on your every move with an artificially intelligent Machine, so why not?

Just in case you thought this show was anti-government, though, here's a clip from earlier in the season when it was anti-capitalist too. Yep, Occupy people, this is YOUR spy fi show. It's nice that progressives have a good excuse to enjoy needless violence and killing on TV for a change. Why should the conservatives have all the fun?


Lucky for you, Person of Interest airs tonight at 9 PM on CBS.

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