One Possible Singing Peter Parker Emerges

The Spider-Man Musical auditions are underway and still no word about who our singing Peter Parker will be until now. We've got wind of one casting rumor for our dear U2-warbling webslinger.


One of io9's tipsters has given us word that Jamie Campbell Bower is currently one of the actors under consideration for Peter Parker.

You may recognize him as young Anthony who sang next to Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd. The then 19-year-old Bower was the floppy-haired sailor in love with little Johanna. He's got theater experience and a voice:

True, this is still just a rumor but we love Bower. He's got the voice, and the charmingly innocent face. Plus we need someone who can dance around Evan Rachel Wood and make her look good, because I'm still not 100% convinced about her as Mary Jane.

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