One possible explanation for the Gulf oil spill: Did someone tug on Superman's cape?

Superman's turned nasty, in this awesome clip from Superman III, and this leads to him getting some action with a hot blonde who's "past saving." But first she wants him to cause a sexy, shiny oil spill in the Atlantic.

Luckily, Superman III, which just aired on AMC, also offers some clues as to how to cope with an oil spill on the ocean. After Superman turns good again — through an incredibly cheese-tastic battle between Supes and Clark Kent in a scrapyard — he goes back to repair the damage he's caused. He uses his super breath to blow the oil back into the tanker — how he separates it from the water is left unexplained, sadly.


And then — this is the good part — he uses his heat vision to reseal the tanker's hull. Yes, that's right. He uses heat vision on the ruptured hull of a tanker full of crude oil. Why hasn't anybody thought of that before?

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Just so long as we don't start taking his advice on NASA's manned spaceflight budget.

(Superman's a jerk.)