One or two things that a robot does during off-hours

When they're not working as military industrial units, robots like to take long nature walks and camp out in caves. At least, that's what the manuals would lead you to believe.

Justin Korthof, a community manager for game developer Robot Entertainment, wrote in email to io9:

We have an occasional thing we do on our blog in which we select a theme, and several of our artists create original concept art within that theme, unrelated to any particular games we're working on. It's less about marketing, more about our artists exercising their brain-muscles. We're right in the middle of a theme around robots . . .


Say no more, Justin. We're all over that. Here are a few of the images you can find, and if you want to watch as more artists add to the theme, visit Robot Entertainment's art forum.

by Andrew Olson


by Chris Moffitt


by Nate Stefan


Gene Kohler

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