One of those rare moments when a small thing gives you hope for the future of the planet

This is a video about a small company called re:char, who build environment-saving factories inside cargo containers and ship them all over the world.


Founded by a former soil scientist, Jason Aramburu, re:char's goal is to help small farms grow healthier crops — and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. He and his team invented what is literally a factory in a box, which allows small communities to turn waste into fertilizer. They use a kiln that turns anything from sewage to plant material into a coal-like substance called biochar — which is in turn used as fertilizer. Once the biochar is mixed into soil, it creates a more nutrient-rich environment for crops. And over a year's time, it sequesters the amount of carbon that two cars would emit in a year. So it's actually a carbon negative device, that feeds people and cleans the environment at the same time.

Right now, it's a small business, with a small number of customers. But it's the kind of thing that could change the world. Find out more on the re:char website.


It would be nice if his kilns could also generate eletctricity (or something else useful) while being used to make biochar.