One of the world's most popular SF novels finally coming in English

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How often does an English-language science fiction novel sell 400,000 copies? That's how many copies Liu Cixin's Three Body Trilogy has sold in Chinese — and at last, this pioneering work of science fiction about a civilization that lives in a trinary star system is coming out in English translation, thanks to award-winning author Ken Liu.



The Three-Body Problem, the first book in the Three-Body Trilogy, will be translated into English by Ken Liu, the author of “The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary,” “Music of the Spheres,” and “Altogether Elsewhere, Vast Herds of Reindeer.” Mr. Liu’s 2012 story “The Paper Menagerie” became the first work of fiction to sweep the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Awards, and his recent story “Mono no Aware” has been nominated for this year’s Hugo.


Can't wait to read this!

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I'm sort of sad that Ken Liu gets all the attention for another author's trilogy here. I like Ken quite a bit, but this article ought to highlight the author rather than the translator I think.