It started as an educational project to get kids interested in space, and turned into a music project that will have you smiling and wiggling your feet with delight. Here is the first video from Let's Talk About Space, for the song "Sailing to the Moon," as performed by science educators Chris McGarry and Kieran Heather. Directed and designed by Jessica Ashman, it's delightful and silly — sort of like Doctor Who gone completely twee.


Writes Chris McGarry to io9:

I started an educational science project early this year called Let's Talk About Space, with my cohort Kieran Heather. We've been touring schools and Science Centre's in the UK teaching kids about astronomy, and help promote interest in science in general. We also decided to write an album to coincide with the project as we spend the rest of our time performing music in a few bands. This went further and we decided to make a music video to be in essence a storybook accompaniment to one of our songs, as we wanted to capture that mood and feeling of being young and just being in utter awe of Space.


You can find more music from Let's Talk About Space on Bandcamp or on their website.

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