One of the most creative Rube Goldberg machines we've seen in ages

Let's face it: we're suckers for good Rube Goldberg machines, and good Rube Goldberg machines take many forms. Some are Jewish. Others are human-powered. There are big ones and there are little ones. But we're guessing you've never seen one like the one up top.


Aptly named "Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg," this RG device — created by the folks at 2D House — seems to defy the laws of gravity, thanks to magnets and some handy camera work. Give it a go, and then watch it again; it's a quick one-minute sequence, and it definitely rewards multiple viewings.

[2D House via COLOSSAL]


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Wonderful, but the words "can you guess which way is up?" out of the title ruined the little bit of wonder I could have gleaned from the video. Is there any way you can take that part out of the post or repost it to save others from my fate?