After his one and only stint playing James Bond, George Lazenby went off to Hong Kong, where he started in a slew of low-budget action movies. And perhaps the weirdest of those was Stoner, the movie you really do have to be kind of baked to enjoy. Check out this clip of a crucial sequence, where Lazenby's character (George Stoner) gets dosed with the world's most potent aphrodisiac, and locked in a cage with a female cop — who's also been apparently dosed with the same drug, known as "Happy Pills."


Legend has it that Stoner was originally going to be a big budget film pitting James Bond (or rather, Lazenby) against Bruce Lee, and maybe Sonny Chiba as well. But Lee died right before filming was due to happen, so the whole thing fell apart. And the budget was drastically reduced as a result. Now Lazenby was stuck appearing in a Z-grade movie about gangsters who develop a new drug that makes you happy and unstoppably horny. See for yourself what happens when Stoner is given a massive dose of this sex drug. As the head gangster says, "It'll blow your mind!"

Oh, and here's a bit of the climactic fight scene. And yes, that's a young Sammo Hung:

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