We were utterly creeped out by the “insomnia epidemic” novel Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun. There have been other books and stories about a world where almost everybody suddenly can’t sleep recently—but Calhoun’s vision was especially horrific. So it’s great that this book is becoming a TV show.

According to Deadline, Melissa Rosenberg (who’s working on the Jessica Jones show for Netflix right now) is producing Sleepless, a show based on Black Moon, for Hulu. And just as excitingly, it’s being pretty much all written by Mike Cahill, who wrote and directed the indie science fiction movies Another Earth and I Origins. Cahill’s moody weirdness would be absolutely perfect for capturing what was so great about Calhoun’s book.

I don’t know if anybody can capture the full nightmarish intensity of Black Moon, in which almost all the characters slowly unravel and lose their minds as they go without sleep. The scene where a married couple can’t find their baby has continued to haunt me since I read it. But if anybody can make it work, it’s Cahill. So fingers crossed!

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