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One of the Biggest Sci-Fi Novels of the Fall is Coming to Theaters Thanks to Brad Pitt

Illustration for article titled One of the Biggest Sci-Fi Novels of the Fall is Coming to Theaters Thanks to Brad Pitt

If you get to see the brand-new novel Illuminae on the big screen at some point, thank Brad Pitt. His company Plan B just bought the rights to adapt the unique sci-fi story into a movie.


Written by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, Illuminae is about a hacker and her ex-boyfriend who uncover “a conspiracy surrounding an intergalactic war that has them dealing with an enemy race, rogue artificial intelligence and a deadly virus.” It was released in October, hit the New York Times Best-Sellers list and has been almost universally praised.

Much like another genre book Pitt’s company bought, World War Z, Illuminae tells its story in a very unique way. The whole thing is told through almost a scrap book of information put together by the characters, including lists, text conversations, blueprints and more. How, if at all, that element makes it into a movie, that’s whoever they hire to write the film’s problem.


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Well, I hope they approach this one with a little bit more integrity.

I sat down over Halloween week this October and took a chance on World War Z. I think I made it like 10 minutes through the movie.

From the very first bar it was a ridiculous CGI shitfest. I could feel the movie sucking my brains from out my eyes.