Remember this video? "Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise"? It was created by marketing company ThinkModo to promote the Carrie remake, and depicts an insane prank where a woman seems to have mind-over-matter powers. And now, they're making a sitcom along the same lines.


[Update: Just to clarify, the sitcom is not actually based on the viral video above. It's just the same idea: young woman with telekinetic powers in a mundane setting.]

Fox just greenlit the untitled half-hour comedy show, written by Colleen McGuinness, a former 30 Rock writer who's having a great year of pitching shows to networks. (This is the second half-hour comedy she's sold recently.) The show's executive-produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, which probably doesn't hurt either.


And according to Deadline, it's about "a 25-year-old woman who works at a frozen yogurt shop and whose life is going nowhere – until she discovers she is telekinetic." That actually sounds fun, in a "gender-swapped Zapped!" kind of way. Fingers crossed for this one.

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