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One Of The Best Science Fiction Novels Of Recent Years Will Be A Movie Starring Ewan McGregor

Illustration for article titled One Of The Best Science Fiction Novels Of Recent Years Will Be A Movie Starring Ewan McGregor

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen by Paul Today completely blew me away with its story of a scientist who's hired to introduce salmon into the wadi, so the Yemenis can go fly-fishing. Now it'll be a movie starring Ewan McGregor.


McGregor, along with Emily Blunt, have signed up to star in the Salmon Fishing movie, to be directed by Lars Sven "Lasse" Hallström (Chocolat, Dear John). The film was originally slated to be directed by Bill Condon, but he had to bail in order to take on Twilight: Breaking Dawn. McGregor will play Fred, the scientist who's stuck in a hen-pecked marriage. Fred suddenly finds himself put under tremendous pressure to help a sheik introduce salmon into Yemen, to score a public relations victory for the embattled British government.

Apparently, the screenplay, by Slumdog Millionaire writer Simon Beaufoy, made the 2009 Brit List, Britain's list of the best unproduced screenplays.


And yes, it's very science fictional. When you start to look into what would need to happen to introduce salmon into Yemen, it becomes more and more insane. You have to transport the salmon from Scotland to Yemen without having them die. You have to oxygenate the tanks at the right temperature. And then you have to convince the salmon to swim upstream in the Yemeni wadi — all so that rich Yemenis can enjoy the experience of fly-fishing in their native land. McGregor's character, Fred Jones, is as much a scientific explorer as the most intrepid Heinlein character. I'm dying to see how this thrilling novel translates to film. [Hollywood Reporter via The Wrap]

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Because nothing ever goes wrong when you introduce a non-native species...maybe that's the science-fictiony part? By the end of the movie the salmon have evolved and are attacking the sheiks with lasers. Frickin lasers.