One of Our Favorite Short Film Makers Just Landed His First Feature Film

We’ve really enjoyed the futuristic short films of director and special effects artist Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull, and now we’ll get to see what he can bring to a feature-length film. Dulull has already started filming Origin Unknown, a scifi thriller about a mysterious object spotted on Mars.


ScreenDaily broke the news that Dulull, who directed the short films Project Kronos, SYNC, and I.R.I.S., is hard at work on Origin Unknown, which is being produced by Parkgate Entertainment and IAM Entertainment. You can see the proof-of-concept teaser above, and here’s the official description:

Origins is a sci-fi thriller set in the not too distant future of space exploration, where we follow a mission controller - Mack, investigating a mysterious object that has appeared on Mars. As he gets close to unraveling the mystery with the support of an artificial intelligence called RAINN, he soon realizes there is something much bigger at play here.

Over email, Dulull told us that after his work on his short films, he really wanted to design a longer scifi film, one he hopes to release in April 2016. We’re curious to see what Dulull does when he’s got a feature-length story to tell.



Well, I like the concept. An artfifact sends signals on Mars (ala 2001’s monolith on the Moon.) and we send robots to investigate it.

But there’s no way a technician at JPL can control that rover in real time. Depending on what you’re trying to do, the communications delay, thanks to the speed of light, is anywhere between 4 and 24 minutes. He or she can send commands to it but the robot is essentially on its own when contending with changes in the Martian environment.