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I did not think it was possible to cram any more attractive people into Lost, but meet Zuleikha Robinson. She'll be joining up with the castaways as the new character Ilana. Entertainment Weekly reports that this Londoner will be a major new part of the new season of Lost. Robinson has been seen before in Rome and The Lone Gunmen. So she's fanned the hearts of TLG, but can her skills stand the test of Lost's infamous, sexy character stare downs? Minor spoilers ahead.Ilana is one of the two new Lost characters and was described as a crafty European female who is considered quite intelligent but very dangerous. She's totally working the "I'm sexy in a mysterious way, but careful - I'll kill you in your sleep" vibe. Plus she's used to getting her own way, so I'm foreseeing fight scenes that turn into heavy make-out sessions, all while the world could be coming to an end. God, I miss Lost. EW reports that Robinson will start off as a recurring player with an option to become a series regular in season 6. [Entertainment Weekly]


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