This was one weird, long, cold winter — at least it certainly felt that way. But this map, put together by NASA's Earth Observatory, tells a different story.

Although we topped out with strange cold-weather phenomena this winter, the overall temperature in North America only dropped a single degree Fahrenheit below average temperatures. So what's going on? NASA explains:

Why was it only the 34th coldest winter in 119 years of records? Because most of the land west of the Rocky Mountains was warmer and drier than average, so those warmer temperatures offset the cold snaps to the east. California had its hottest winter on record, and several other states came close. Though it is not included in the contiguous U.S. measurements, Alaska also thawed in spring-like heat and rain that melted snow and ice.


Here's a look at the complete map of temperature anomalies this winter. Go ahead and tag your locale on the map and tell us about the weather that hit you this winter — whether it was cold, warm, dry, or just incredibly snowy.