In a sign that the line between science and science fiction is blurred in many people's brains (or just that you can get whatever result you want in a survey) a shocking number of Brits believe scifi tech is real.

Birmingham Science City commissioned a survey "to see how blurred the lines between science fact and fiction have become." And the survey's results definitely bear out that conclusion, although we don't know enough about how the survey was conducted to rule out sample bias or leading questions.


In any case, the survey found that over a fifth of Britons believe that lightsabers are real. And 24 percent of respondents believe people can be teleported. A stunning 40 percent believe that hoverboards exist, and almost 50 percent believe that "memory-erasing technology exists." Paging the Dollhouse.

My favorite, though: 18 percent of adults believed that "they can see gravity." (What does it look like? Do they mean they can see the effects of it?)

In any case, I guess this proves that dazzling advances in science and technology have left people with the impression we're all living in a science fiction wonderland. But once again, bear in mind that the survey may not have had a huge sample size, and there could be other flaws. It's hard to say without knowing more. [Birmingham Science City via AOL Weird News]