One Game Of Thrones Character Is Getting A Bold New Costume... But Why?

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Do we finally know the name of the Flash/Arrow spin-off? Take a blurry look at Star Wars' Kylo Ren, and a great look at Age of Ultron's Vision. Could the new Agents of SHIELD spinoff be bad news for Agent Carter? The Flash may be introducing a new DC hero to TV. Plus hints for Outlander and iZombie. Spoilers Now!

Top image: Arrow.

Haunted Mansion

Ryan Gosling is allegedly in talks to star. [ The Wrap]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Here's a blurry picture of the antagonist Kylo Ren, seemingly taken from a jigsaw puzzle for the movie. [ Flickering Myth]



The cast and crew discuss the idea behind what Tomorrowland is in this new featurette. [ Coming Soon]

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The cast discuss the scope of the film in a new featurette. [ Coming Soon]

Here's a new character poster for the Vision. [ First Showing]

Nine Lives

Jennifer Garner has joined the cast about for the weird comedy movie where Kevin Spacey is turned into a cat. [ Deadline]



Here's a picture of Ryan Reynolds in costume once more, this time on the toilet and reading a copy of the recently released Deadpool #250, which features the character's death (hence Reynold's comment). [via Coming Soon]


Mad Max: Fury Road

Here's two new posters. [ Coming Soon]


Arrow/Flash Spinoff

A rumour is circulating that Caity Lotz is playing a Canary on the show — but not the Canary she played on Arrow. Lotz would be playing the White Canary, a mysterious martial artist villain who was a regular foe of the Birds of Prey in the comics. [Spoiler TV]


Spoiler TV also claims it has heard the title for the show would be The Atom. As ever, take your rumours with a pinch of salt. [Spoiler TV]

Game Of Thrones

TV Guide has a series of descriptions for what journeys characters will take in Season 5. Here's Sansa and Cersei's, go to the link to see more:

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) Last year, Sansa dyed her hair dark, as if to signal her debutante status in the world of lies and maneuvering. This season, however, she is full-force Dark Sansa, and has graduated to actively participating in a scheme that could potentially upset the current balance of power in a big way. No deceitful diva would be complete without a wardrobe to match, so expect to see her in a dress that's, well, to die for. Move over, Cersei. The realm has a new, younger femme fatale whose lineage inspires loyalty. The North remembers.

Cersei Baratheon Life after the death of Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) means that Cersei can make most of the crown's decisions unchecked, especially since her son, King Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman), is naive enough to be easily (mis)led. She's not the mastermind her father once was, however, and a new alliance she forges soon gets out of hand due to her shortsightedness.


Here's some dialogue teasers for Sunday's episode, "The Wars To Come":

“Angry snakes lash out, makes chopping off their heads that much easier.”

“The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted.”

“They said you were terrifying, with cat’s teeth and three eyes. You’re not terrifying, you’re boring.”

“We all must choose. Man or woman, young or old, lord or pheasant, our choices are the same.”

“We tried to do what was best for the realm by supporting a Targaryen restoration, and thus began the chain of mistakes that has led us both here.”

“The gift of a great name. Sometimes, that’s all one needs.”

“You think I want that woman married to my brother?”

“They’re waiting in line to make sure he’s really dead, and as soon as they see the stones on his eyes they’ll set to work on tearing us apart.”

“Do you trust the carriage driver, or the knights escorting us?”

“I don’t want anyone following me, I’m not a leader. All I ever wanted was to fight for a lord I believed in.”


[ Spoiler TV]


Rosario Dawson talks Claire Temple:

Well, I love the fact that for everybody who's going "Claire Temple?" and "Night Nurse?" you're kind of getting into it. People know those disparate characters and that Marvel's doing something fun, which is what we get to do when you have a whole universe that you created that you can play with, is that you can change things and massage things and develop things. So for me, that gets me really excited because I love the question mark that's on there. There's a lot of people going, "Well, wait a minute. That character was married to Luke Cage, so does that mean she's gonna...but wait, that character was Night Nurse, and what does that mean?" All of this delights me. It's so fun. It's my question, as well.


[ CBR]


Ben McKenzie talks about how Jim will face off against Milo Ventimiglia's Ogre:

The Ogre is a serial killer who seduces, kidnaps, tortures and kills women in the never-ending pursuit for a partner. He finds these women and let's just say they don't meet to his exacting standards. He's a true psychopath. He's remained at large for years because he protects himself. Any cop who takes on his case, the Ogre targets the loved ones of that cop. The cop will end up with his wife's throat cut, his girlfriend dead and things like that. So, no cop touches it. It's basically become a dirty little secret of the GCPD.

Jim, when he ends up in contact with the case, and he ends up with it in an interesting way, he's a hero and can't put it down. For him, not to pursue the case would be to have the blood of future victims on his hands. So, he's put in a perilous position where he knows that the women in his life could be targets. It creates a strain in his relationship with Tompkins [Morena Baccarin]. It will have dire consequences moving forward.


[ CBR]

Agents Of SHIELD

Jeff Bell sat down with EW once more to tease what's in store for "Melinda", alongside a new poster:

The first time we met [May] in the pilot, she was doing her office job. You know, sitting there completely shut down, going through stacks of paperwork. And even to look at where she is now in our show versus a season and a half ago, to see what turned her into that person… it’s always fun when you can find a compelling backstory that feels like it’s still driving the present story. Also, in episode 15, Skye disappeared with Gordon. Where did they go, and what’s that about? We have trouble fitting all this into our timeslot, but there’s a lot of cool stuff on Skye’s end as well.


Agent Carter/SHIELD Spinoff

Speaking of SHIELD, Deadline's roundup of TV shows in danger of cancellation mentions that the existence of a new Agents of SHIELD spinoff could well mean that Agent Carter might not return to fill in the game between SHIELD's third season broadcast blocks, since the new show could take its place.



Lucy Griffiths has been cast as Emily Woodrow. Deadline describes her as a "waitress, the church organist, bookkeeper and Jesse's loyal right hand. Stoic and strong, wise beyond her years, she can’t help but have a little thing for Preacher Jesse."


Heroes Reborn

Milo Ventimiglia says that Peter Petrelli will not be in the show:

"Not on my end, no," he says. "As far as I understand, they're already back to work and have broken their stories. Maybe they'll mention the Petrellis, but I don't see it happening that I would be revisiting. Just not gonna happen."


[ Zap2It]

Twin Peaks

Variety says that Showtime is attempting to renegotiate with David Lynch to bring him back onto the project. They have this to offer as to why Lynch decided to leave as well:

The tussle over the budget emerged after Lynch and Frost turned in the nine scripts they co-wrote and it became clear that the cost of production would be significantly higher than the budgets outlined in the original deal. Sources said Showtime was willing to kick in more coin but asked for concessions in other areas, including the profit participation definitions for Lynch and Frost.

Lynch had been on board to direct all nine episodes. Frost is said to be committed to the project and was also taken by surprise by Lynch’s public statements.


Orphan Black

Ari Millen talks about what's in store for Project Castor in season 3:

'TVLINE | Where does the new season find Gracie and Mark?

Oh, what am I allowed to say? We’ve just left. They’ve just gone on the lam. They’ve just gotten married, eloped. Mark is definitely someone who has been searching for family for a very long time. He was taken under Henrik’s spell and fell in love with Gracie and is now closer than ever to having that family that he so desires. But now [there’s] the new issue of his brothers coming into the mix and how are they going to spoil what he wants for them. So he and Gracie are going to go through some tough times.


[ TV Line]


Here's a plot synopsis for "Maternity Liv":

THE TIES THAT BIND — A group of teens get a scare when a disheveled young pregnant woman approaches them muttering for help. Unfortunately, the woman doesn’t survive but her baby does. Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) begin questioning suspects in her murder, and after consuming the victim’s brain, a fierce maternal instinct kicks in for Liv. Meanwhile, Major (Robert Buckley) makes a shocking discovery.


[ Ksite TV]

The Vampire Diaries

And one for "I'd Leave My Happy Home For You":

THE CURE – As Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) reluctantly participate in their bachelor and bachelorette parties, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) discuss the ramifications from an impulsive offer that Damon makes. Unsure of what to do, Elena turns to Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Jo for advice, but is left conflicted when Bonnie raises some unanticipated concerns. When Enzo (Michael Malarkey) realizes Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) is on a dangerous downward spiral, he asks Stefan (Paul Wesley) to help intervene before it’s too late. Lastly, fed up with the supernatural threats that plague their town, Matt (Zach Roerig) takes his frustrations out on Tyler (Michael Trevino), while Alaric considers a life-changing piece of advice.


[ Ksite TV]

The Originals

Here's a short synopsis for "City Beneath The Sea":

LOOMING DEADLINES AND ENTICING PROPOSITIONS — When Dahlia (guest star Claudia Black) devises a clever way to get Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) attention, she reveals some startling details about baby Hope and leaves him with an enticing proposition to consider. Elsewhere, while Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Freya (guest star Riley Voelkel) find themselves with opposing views on how best to handle Dahlia’s looming deadline, Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers), Davina (Danielle Campbell), and Cami (Leah Pipes) work together to come up with their own strategy. Meanwhile, following a tense stand-off between Elijah and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) in the bayou, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is left to make a difficult decision about her and Hope's future. Finally, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), who is eager to leave his witch past behind him, approaches Davina with an offer that leaves her intrigued.


[ Ksite TV]

The Messengers

Here's a press release for "Path to Paradise":

THE FIRST HORSEMAN IS REVEALED AND VERA DISCOVERS HER GIFT — On the hunt for the Horseman of War, Joshua (Jon Fletcher), Erin (Sofia Black D’Elia) and Peter (Joel Courtney) make great strides for the group. Raul (JD Pardo) and Vera (Shantel VanSanten) are more hesitant to believe and when they stray, there are unforeseen consequences. But when Vera discovers her gift, she finally starts to re-think her purpose.


[ Ksite TV]


A short synopsis for "Angel Heart" has been released:

CLAIRE NOVAK RETURNS — When Claire Novak (guest star Kathryn Love Newton) gets a lead on her mother, Amelia (guest star Leisha Hailey), who has been missing for years, Castiel (Misha Collins) asks Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to help her. Castiel feels guilty for what he did to the Novak family and wants to make amends by reuniting Claire with her mom. However, when they find out what took Amelia, they realize there is a chance Claire may not get her happy ending.


[ Ksite TV]

Here's some promo pictures for "The Werther Project" — go here to see more. [Buddy TV]



Claire finds a young child out in the wild in this clip from "By The Pricking Of My Thumb". [ Spoiler TV]


Here is the (not particularly creative) logo for the TV show. [TV Line]


The Flash

A since deleted picture from the set showed a picture of a trailer welcoming Ciara Renee to the show, seemingly indicating her character Kendra Saunders — a.k.a Hawkgirl — will appear in season one before she heads off to the spinoff show. [Spoiler TV]


The Returned

Finally, here's a gallery of pictures from "Lucy" — you can see more at the link. [Spoiler TV]


Additional reporting by Diana Biller and Charlie Jane Anders.


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