One Full Hour of Proof that the Star Wars Episode VII Screenwriter Knows What He's Doing

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We're all verrrry curious about how Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter Michael Arndt will handle his job writing the script for the somewhat anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII. Happily, has dug up the video of an hour-long talk Arndt gave in 2007, discussing his screenwriting process for Little Miss Sunshine, but also his thoughts on writing, rewriting, what he feels is most important for a writer to do, and more. It's not a guarantee he's going to write something brilliant, but it's vastly reassuring. If anyone was still holding their breath because Arndt got the gig, they can probably exhale now. You know, assuming they can continue to hold their breath through the entire hour-long video.

[Via /Film]

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I'll be happy so long as there is a scene where Luke turns to his son and tells him, "Don't make the same mistakes I made when I was young. Fuck a lotta women kid, not just one woman, a lotta women."