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One Heroes character gets a death sentence, a Heroes actor may turn up on Lost, and someone's seen the pilot script for Day One. Plus plenty of spoilers for Fringe, True Blood, The Book of Eli, Chuck, and Eureka.


Add another name to the pile of actors potentially returning to Lost. Heroes' Greg Grunberg got a call about returning as Oceanic flight 815 pilot Seth Norris, but has no idea what the producers have planned. [TV Guide]



Two promos feature Sylar and Claire (US only, unfortunately):


And the whole cast talked to E! about their roles in the coming season. Adrian Pasdar says of the relationship between Sylar-Nathan and Parkman:

The whole premise of Zachary [Quinto], myself and Greg [Grunberg] having an interesting triangle of behavior. In the process of Matt crushing Sylar and having my body become his, Sylar entered Matt, so there's a soul that's missing in me. It's my own Nathan behavior that's manifesting itself through Sylar. There's a triangle that makes itself clear by the third episode.

Greg Grunberg elaborates:

When I did the mind transfer, it didn't go clean. Some of him stayed in me and he needs me. He's looking for his body, he needs his body back and he'll do anything to do that, including kidnapping my son...He's kind of hanging around in my subconscious, making me do things that I don't want to do. I have to catch myself. I can't get rid of him, so I decide to ignore him. But you can't ignore Sylar for very long.


Pasdar also says that the other characters will learn the truth about Nathan and Sylar soon enough:

I think it's clear from the outset of season four that something is going on, least of all to Nathan. He doesn't become aware of it. I think he's a step behind the audience. There's just a split second for him in terms of understanding where he's going and what might be wrong. He catches up though.

And Hayden Panettiere delved a bit more into Claire's girl-on-girl interlude:

It's a very interesting relationship. She hasn't really had a relationship with someone that close-as a friend or anything else-since first season with her friend Zach. So it's a relationship I think that people are going to love and love to see us together. It's a very interesting dynamic between the two of them...She gets a friend, a confidant, somebody she can confide in and not be alone with her secret and just be herself, somebody to help her along and be her buddy and her pal.


And what about the Carnival? Panettiere explains:

Carnival is the opposite of what the Company was. The Company wanted to hide us and our abilities. They wanted to keep it under wraps. The Carnival is the opposite where they want people to know about it.

But Grunberg notes there will be plenty of ambiguity:

Just when you think it's safe, it's not. Just when you think it's evil, it turns out that we need them more than they need us


As for the dynamic duo of Hiro and Ando, James Kyson Lee describes their upcoming business venture:

Ando and Hiro are going to start up a new business venture. It's going to keep us busy. Sept. 21 you will see a huge billboard. I am for hire, romance for hire.

But all is not well in Ando and Hiro land, James continues, because Hiro's days are, for the time being, numbered:

Hiro has a bucket list because he's dying. Ando is trying to change that, but we'll see. There's a whole theme of 'Can you really mess with fate?' in our show. Sometimes you can change history, sometimes you can't.


[E! Online]

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan:

The box art for The Plan DVD has been released, along with the official synopsis:


Battlestar Galactica: The Plan: The Cylons began as humanity's robot servants. They rebelled, and evolved, and now they look like us. Their plan is simple: destroy the race that enslaved them. But when their devastating attack leaves human survivors, the Cylons have to improvise. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan tells the story of two powerful Cylon leaders, working separately, and their determination to finish the task.

[Galactica Siterep]

Cirque du Freak:

New promo stills show off the amazing vampire powers of John C. Reilly's hair:





The Book of Eli:

Crave online talks to the Hughes brothers about their post-apocalyptic universe, describing the consequences of a natural ecological disaster:

Allen Hughes: If it was a super volcano. They all, basically, the same thing would happen 30 years after. The atmosphere will look a certain way. There'd be a certain color to the sky. There'd be a certain kind of decomposition of the landscape so we could put that, coupled with what Albert's talking about.

Albert Hughes: Right now, what's in the teaser is not [everything]. When the normal trailer comes out, you'll see more of the world. There's no vegetation.


They talk about their survivors scavenging for supplies, and mention that Eli notes, "We kill people for what we used to throw away." But Allen Hughes notes the characters, not the post-apocalyptic setting, are central to the film:

It is about humans, whether it's Gary, Mila's character, they all are survivors. They are survivors. I think the bottom line is that's why the western comes up, because when you take advantage of more primitive times, true character starts to show through. When you put people in that element, you start to see the conflict is there a lot more. It's a hotbed for drama. Our piece is very dramatic. I mean, there's action or whatever but we start with character and that conflict. It's survival.

[Crave Online]


Executive producer J.H. Wyman teased the September 17 departure of Kirk Acevedo's character Charlie:

That is going to be a continuing storyline throughout the season. It should thrill. Nobody ever really disappears, and they could come back at any time. There is a parallel universe. Maybe [Charlie] will show up [there]. I think a lot of the answers you're looking for will be clear in [episodes] two and three and four. You'll really enjoy it.


When asked about the possibility of romance between Olivia and Peter, showrunner Jeff Pinker replied:

As long as the emotion is true, we're open to anything.

Which I take to mean, don't get your 'shipping hopes up any time soon. Oh, and Anna Torv just ate mushed up worms on set. [E! Online]


Pinker reiterated that there will be only one alternate universe, and said that most of the action will take place "over there." Leonard Nimoy has already filmed one episode for the second season as the alternate dimension-dwelling William Bell, and will be filming several more. Says Wyman:

He will appear on the show as much as he wants to.

[TV Guide]

Plus, new press release goodness:

Each episode of the sophomore season promises to uncover more about the larger threat and while some questions will be answered, new ones will surface. The intensity accelerates as Season Two opens with Olivia's shocking return to this reality, and a determined Peter, unknowingly in a race against time with an ominous mobile force, pursues information about Olivia's blurred and perplexing visit to the alternate reality. Meanwhile, Walter reenters the lab to cook up a bit of fringe science, and of course, some custard for someone's birthday.


[Spoiler TV]

True Blood:

Two clips have surfaced from what looks to be next week's episode. First, Eric tries to rescue Sookie from the Fellowship of the Sun lock-in:


Then the police question Sam after finding Daphne's body in his fridge:

The Lovely Bones:

New promo images for The Lovely Bones, mostly straight out of the trailer.





Yvonne Strahovski elaborated a bit on Sarah Walker's relationship with Chuck in the coming season:

At the end of season two, we saw him download that new intersect. Sarah Walker is going to be a little less than impressed by it because we all saw she was letting herself go more and falling into the relationship with Chuck and putting aside the work side of things. So it's a little disappointing for her.


And, on the season in general:

There's going to be love and romance, but a little bit of heartbreak, maybe some rejection, some guns and some action...We're going to discover how the mechanism works inside Chuck's head. We're going to see just how good it is.

[E! Online]

Here's a casting call for the season's second episode, "Chuck Versus the Three Words:"

[KURT STROMBERG] (30-45). A powerful, brick of a man. Eyes void of any feeling. He is a dangerous arms-dealer but he has a soft spot for the love of his life, Carina (Mini Anden). Whenever he gets around her, he becomes a lovable teddy bear.


[Spoiler TV]


It's goo and electrodes in images from the fifteenth episode "Shower the People:"




[Spoiler TV]

Day One:

Ain't It Cool News has gotten a hold of the pilot script for NBC's alien invasion drama, and shared a few details:

Massive meteorite-like projectiles come crashing into the Earth from all around the planet. The projectiles then melt, reform and shoot out of the ground, beanstalk-like, to form bizarre towers twice the length of the tallest man-made skyscraper. A circuit-frying electro-magnetic pulse knocks out all electronics and communications, "War of the Worlds"-style.

The key to combating the aliens, strangely, may lie with the series' main characters, all of them unknowing residents of a small Van Nuys, Calif., apartment complex. One's a doctor (latter-day "Veronica Mars" vet Julie Gonzalo). Another's a war vet just back from Iraq (latter-day "ER" vet David Lyons). Two more are the world's best-looking computer geeks ("24" vet Carly Pope and "Harper's Island" vet Adam Campbell). A reclusive resident of the complex named Lynne (she's the bespectacled young woman seen at the end of the trailer below) appears to have been secretly manipulating her fellow tenants without their knowledge in anticipation of the threat. Some key dialogue:

TENANT: So you knew this was coming?

LYNNE: It's all happened before.

Later we see Lynne talking to a non-tenant named Hugh, another fellow who seems to know too much. He tells Lynne she needs to cut and run.

HUGH: Your people haven't been trained, Lynne. You won't get them working together in time. (beat) We'll try again. Somewhere else. But not here. It's too late.

Some time ago we asked Alexander if Lynne would be revealed to be a time-traveler in episode two; he replied emphatically in the negative. (We also asked if, while Alexander was working on "Lost's" first season, he knew that Hurley would be spending a good chunk of season five in 1977. His response: "Fuck no!" So somebody should someday ask Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse the same question!)



Defying Gravity:

Our astronauts boldly venture into a strip club in Sunday's episode "Threshold:"


And Spoiler TV has three more non-embeddable clips from the same episode.


The season two trailer is out, revealing a few details about the second season. It looks like the Sanctuary is getting a new beautiful badass (perhaps to replace the AWOL Ashley?), Will's struck up a relationship with invisible woman Clara Griffin, and vampiric Nikola Tesla is still hanging around.