One-Breasted Man-Killers Get An Origin Story

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.
  • We'll learn the origins of those one-breasted psycho killers, the Daughters of the Amazon, in the movie version of Y: The Last Man movie. [Comics 2 Film]
  • Steven Spielberg's Interstellar, about explorers who travel through a wormhole to another dimension, will come out in 2009 and won't violate any laws of physics. [Not Even Wrong]

Deadlier spoilers for Sarah Connor Chronicles and Smallville follow, so be warned...

  • Terminator incest alert! Summer Glau's Terminator in the Sarah Connor Chronicles will impersonate John Connor's sister, but may also kindle a romance with him. [Spoiler TV]
  • The Justice League movie may have the dumb-ass title American Heroes. [Cinematical]
  • Next summer's Hancock is about an alcoholic superhero, not just a has-been superhero. [MoviesOnline]
  • Jane Seymour will return to Smallville in the final episode, in a flashback that explains why her character was such a bitch. [TV Guide]
  • Next week's Journeyman will feature "major ripples" in Dan's private life, and move the show towards a "soft ending" in two weeks. The show still isn't officially canceled, but it has been shut down. [BuddyTV]

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