One Author's List Of Quite Possibly Essential Science Fiction Includes William Gibson — And Event Horizon

Vinconium and Light author M. John Harrison posted a list of "some interesting science fiction" that's been causing lots of discussion — it's not framed as a list of essential SF reading, or the greatest SF books of all time, just books that "turned [Harrison] on when he read them." And yet, it looks like a pretty great stab at a new SF canon, including somewhat neglected authors like Pat Cadigan and Justina Robson along with William Gibson and Samuel Delany. Most provocatively of all, he sneaks just a few movies in there, including some unlikely candidates like Flatliners and Event Horizon. The best thing of all about Harrison's list? It's almost certainly got some titles you haven't read yet on it. [Ambiente Hotel]


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I wish there had been an "Event Horizon" sequel..