Once Upon A Time Pretends That Frozen Was Always A Thing

Here's a weird question I've been going over in my head: How does Frozen fit in to Once Upon A Time? If Storybrooke truly does exist in the real world where there's New York and medicine and therapists and what not, truly Emma would be aware of the Disney juggernaut that was Frozen? Which was just created last year. Odd.


Emma came into Storybrooke with knowledge of Snow White and Belle and Pinocchio. These are classic characters anyone would know. So by that logic, they would also be aware of Frozen, the gigantic Disney movie that took over the winter last year. So if Elsa just showed up in the dress from the movie, wouldn't that freak everyone out? Like Jesus, did you just get created out of the ether? Quick, someone tell Disney to make a movie about a donkey that shits 100 dollar bills!

OK, OK, that's not entirely fair. Frozen is based on Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen fairy tale, which dates back to the mid-19th century. HOWEVER, this isn't a version of Snow White or a version of Beauty and the Beast—this is straight up Elsa, Anna and Kristoff recreating the actual scenes from the movie. I mean I get it, $$$$$$, but it's still weird. Elsa wasn't Disney canon until a minute ago. Emma is aware of Snow White because she was probably read Snow White stories as a little girl. Isn't it going to be weird when that lady who sings the song from all the obnoxious car-cam lip dubs shows up in real life? Oh well.

Can't wait for the terrible, but mandatory "Let It Go" joke.


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Eventually the Star Wars characters will show up and that'll be a real head-scratcher.