Once Upon a Time Isn’t Kids Stuff

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a lady who used to be on a show about doctors, another lady who used to be on a show about polygamy and a little boy who used to be on a show about 60s-era alcoholics, were magically transported to a show about a dark and twisted fairytale realm—written by a couple of guys who used to write a show about a mysterious island.

Yes, kiddies. Once Upon a Time—ABC's new show about an ensemble of fairytale characters stuck in an enchanted modern-day town—stars a cast of familiar faces, including Jennifer Morrison (House M.D.), Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) and Jared Gilmore (Mad Men), and boasts the creative influence of Lost's Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitis. But this visually-stunning brand-new series is unlike anything you've ever seen.


Morrison stars as Emma Swan, a bail bonds collector with a dark past, who unknowingly happens to be the long-lost daughter of storybook heroine, Snow White (Goodwin). In the first episode Emma is contacted by the child she gave up for adoption ten years prior (Gilmore), who claims that his entire town is populated by bewitched fairytale characters with no recollection of their magical past. The Mayor is the Evil Queen! Jiminy Cricket is the town therapist! Only Emma can lift the curse and send them back to their rightful reality—because in this place, there is no "happily ever after" guarantee.

Check out the trailer above to delve right in to the story, and don't forget to tune in to Once Upon a Time tonight at 8/7c—only on ABC.

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